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CAME SINEN 3L - 0.3m to 0.5m - 3L


This is the plant that tea is made from. Very easy to make a delicious high quality green tea from the fresh tips. Small white flowers. Sheltered well drained sites with fertile soil best. (GOOD FOR; DRY, FLOWERS, FOLIAGE, HEDGE, POTS, SEMI-SHADE, SUN)


Kaipara Coast Review

We make a delicious green tea out of our hedges - you need around 20 plants for a hedge to get enough tea leaves if you are a regular drinker. Simply pick the fresh tips, put them in a food dehydrator for around 1.5 hours, crush with your hands, and then use around 1 small desertspoon per cup of hot water. Much fresher than bought teas. These grow very well in the Auckland region.