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For 20 years we have been supplying Auckland gardeners with fruit trees & edible plants, specialising in the varieties that work well in this region.


We are passionate about creating gardens that grow. Almost all of the varieties we sell have been trialed in our own orchard, and there are a number of varieties we do not recommend as they are not suitable for the Auckland region.


Edible Garden design is one of our favourite tasks, and we offer a number of options from $195.00 site assessments and quotes by David Bayly (Diploma Horticulture distinction), to fully designed gardens by Geraldine Bayly Landscape Architect.

We also specialise in Gardens for Schools.


We grow a large number of our fruit trees ourselves, and those we don't grow ourselves are grown for us by top New Zealand fruit tree nurseries.

We are also proud to stock an extensive range of organic vegetable and herb seedlings.


We are always happy to help with information, workshops, plus planting, maintenance and pruning.


Throughout the year we run reguler workshops covering a number of tipics covering edible gardens.
These are usually hands on with demonstrations and a walk in our orchard.
Also, if you have a group of 10 or more people we are happy to run a personalized workshop.
Workshops generally run for 2 hours, with a $10 cost to cover materials.

Edible Garden Design
Spraying (a natural approach)
Vegetables and Herbs
Harvesting and Recipes

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Pruning & Planting Services

New Edible Gardens & Orchards
Our design & planting team can organise the entire planting and landscape of your property.

Looking After Your Edible Garden
If you love harvesting, but don't have time to look after the garden, we are happy to come in and help. We work on a totally chemical spray free approach to edible garden maintenance, as we follow organic principles whenit comes to looking after edible plants.

Pruning Your Trees
To maximise crops and space, some pruning of fruit trees should be done as part of the regular maintenance. How to prune is often very confusing when you read the books. We can either regularly prune your trees, or we are happy to work alongside you to demonstrate and teach you the principles involved.